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Regaining Control Of Your Hormones & Body Through Perimeopause

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Are you tired of feeling like things are not quite right, like your body hates you and you're somehow back in the realm of teenage hormones?

Then it's time to understand what perimenopause is and how you can actually get rid of these symptoms and thrive through this normal reproductive phase!

Perimenopause is a normal reproductive phase that ALL women will go through. If you're 35 or older, you're most likely there already!

The responsibility of production of your sex hormones are slowly shifting from the ovaries to the adrenal glands,

which brings about some major changes in your body. If you understand what those changes are and how to support that transition, you'll learn the secrets of truly taking control of your hormones and body.

If you learn these strategies NOW, you'll not only thrive through perimenopause, but breeze through menopause and beyond!


"Show Me How Vandghie!"

Then let's make it a date...

Join me for a free training on how to go

from feeling confused and frustrated with

your body, to learning how to take control of your hormones & body to live your best years through perimenopause!

When you join my masterclass, you'll learn...

The missing pieces

I'll teach you the missing piece in your 'diagnosis' & why you've been feeling like your healthcare team hasn't been able to help you. You'll learn basic physiology of perimenopause & how to advocate better & stronger for yourself.

Common doesn't = normal

You may have heard from doctors, other women and even family members that what you're experiencing is 'normal'. I'll teach you what IS normal and why you don't have to accept your current 'broken' body as your new normal.

Easy, effective habits

I'll show you the 5 habits that you're probably following every day that is leading to hormonal imbalance in perimenopause and what to do instead to start healing your body systems and regain control of your hormones & body.

All this for free if you join me!

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EST: Thursday, 16 November @ 8pm EST

NZT: Friday, 17 November @ 1pm NZT

You CAN understand what is happening with your body. Let me show you how.

The online health world and health & fitness industry (aka Google) is full of generic advice for having more energy, getting rid of brain fog, losing weight, calming the anxiety, fixing the messy periods and healing your gut...

The reality is, it does not have to be complicated, overwhelming or restrictive. You CAN get rid of those symptoms, while enjoying all the things that you love.

With the things that I'll be sharing in this training, you'll have all the knowledge (and confidence) to take your health into your own hands and live your best years through perimenopause. Join me in this FREE masterclass!

I’m a Dietitian who help ambitious, busy women to regain control of their hormones and body through perimenopause!

Like you, I felt desperate for years without any help and answers from my healthcare team, so I eventually turned back to the research to find the answers for myself and my health and life changed drastically in 7 weeks. Now I teach women (35 - 55) how to understand and support their body, so they too, can live full, happy and healthy lives, especially through perimenopause!

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